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Complaints regarding your care

Discuss your dissatisfaction with your GP.

We appreciate if you would discuss any dissatisfaction with our service with us first. Only when we are aware of your frustrations, can we try to resolve the situation.

If you find this difficult, or if you do not feel free to contact us, you can discuss your complaint with an independent and impartial complaints officer. The complaints officer will work together with you to try to find a solution to your complaint or problem. The complaints officer can also mediate in some situations. The complaints officer does not take the side of either party and therefore makes no judgments. Everything you tell a complaints officer is confidential. You can reach the complaints officer at 088 - 022 91 91.

If neither the general practitioner nor mediation by the complaints officer can make a satisfactory end to your complaint, you may request a ruling on your specific complaint with the Care Disputes Authority. This independent committee consists of a chairman ((former) judge), members representing patients and members representing the GPs. This group is assisted by an official secretary (who is also a lawyer).

The judgment of the disputes authority is binding.

More information can be found in the folder in the waiting room and at www.skge.nl.