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Mw. C. van Hoolwerff | General practitioner

Mw. C. van Hoolwerff

I completed my medical training in Leiden in 2008. After a few months in internal medicine, I chose to work as a GP in Leiden. I have been working as a GP since 2011, including a permanent position at Loudon Medical Centre. I am also a Medical Officer and have worked as a GP in the prisons of Scheveningen and Zoetermeer. I have always found this to be a pleasant change from my daily routine.

Nevertheless, after enjoying such work for a number of years, I'm very pleased to have a more permanent place where I have more of an opportunity to get to know and follow my patients. Finally, I would like to add that the trust between physician and patient is one of the primary foundations to a good doctor patient relationship, where correct care and the right treatment are chosen together.

I attend Landscheiding on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.