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Our dental invoices include all the various transactions that have taken place throughout your treatment. On the account, each operation is defined with a code. Each code has a fee which has been previously determined by the government.

We send our invoices via the Anders company. This is a company specialising in the sending and collecting of third party bills. The commissioning and collection of these invoices is called “factoring”. This means that you will not receive a bill from the Landscheiding Dental Practice, but from the Anders company.

About your invoice

Invoices for medical treatments or operations from your healthcare provider are sent by Anders. You must pay your bill within 30 days. The obligation to pay is no different than if you should receive the invoice directly from the healthcare provider. In some cases, an invoice is first submitted to your healthcare provider. In this case, you will only receive a (remainder) invoice for costs that are not immediately covered by your health insurer. More and more people prefer to receive their invoices via Email. Would you also like to receive your invoices by Email? Please make sure we have your correct and most recent Email address.

On the website, you can log in and view the status of your invoices, the terms of payment and further information. Do you still have questions or would you prefer to speak personally with one of Anders’ employees? Please call them on 085-760 62 62.

Changing address? Please give your new address to your healthcare provider, health insurer and the Anders company. This will prevent unnecessary interest and late payment costs. In addition to correct address information, it is important that you provide the healthcare provider with the correct information regarding your policy number and your BSN (Citizen Service Number).

If you do not agree with the sum indicated on your invoice, please contact us. We can also provide you with an invoice copy. Please discuss with your dentist whether you should apply for insurance and how. We are always happy to offer advice.