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Cosmetic treatment

Aesthetic dentistry a field of dentistry which concentrates on how the teeth look. Particularly due to today’s media, aesthetic treatment has become extremely popular.

We should first mention the promises made on television advertisements. First of all, they suggest that anything is possible. Yes, aesthetic dentistry can work miracles, but it still has to work around the condition and shape of your own teeth. No cosmetic treatments should be done which negatively affect the quality of your teeth. Secondly, television gives us the impression that only the rich and famous can afford to ‘have their teeth done’. However, there are many affordable solutions out there that can make a world of difference to the appearance of your smile. But there are affordable solutions that make your teeth a lot nicer.

We offer the following treatments at our practice:


One quick and simple solution is to bleach your teeth (see Bleaching). Especially if your teeth are in good condition and you have no (or very few) fillings in your front teeth. Ask us about your options.

Composite veneers

Facings made of composite in The HagueFor small positional changes and perhaps a whitening effect to the teeth, having composite veneers placed is a good-looking and not too expensive method to brighten up your smile. The advantage is that the teeth need very little or no drilling. So if you don’t like the effect (which very rarely happens), your teeth can go back to how they were.

Porcelain veneers

Facings of porcelain made in The Hague

Where aesthetics require the best, porcelain veneers are an ideal solution. A veneer is like a sort of shield which is glued to the front of the tooth.

Veneers are made by a specialised dental technician using a printout that is made after the teeth have been filed down. The teeth are only minimally filed, and the result is often dazzling. Just think of the “Hollywood smile”. In the time between filing and the final veneers, patients are fitted with temporary ones. The final veneers are laminated (stuck) to your own teeth.


Kronen en bruggen laten zetten in Den HaagIf too much dental tissues have disappeared and the abovementioned solutions are no longer possible, one can always choose crowns (see Crowns and Bridges). Nowadays, these are almost always metal-free (so no dark edges anymore).

Because our practice has a very high affinity with aesthetic dentistry, we are always very happy to find the right solution for you. Please ask us about your options.