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Custom made braces in The HagueOrthodontics is a field of dentistry specialising in the optimisation of the position of teeth in the jaw by means of braces. The term orthodontics comes from the ancient Greek words orthos (straight) and odontos (tooth).

What does orthodontics involve

Custom made braces in The HagueOrthodontics are a part of daily life, seen in the braces that people wear which exercise constant pull and push forces by way of hooks and elastic bands, forcing the teeth into the desired position. This can take years.

During treatment, the patient should wear their braces day and night (active treatment period). During this period, regular checks and/or adjustment of the brace will be necessary. After this period, the brace is often only worn during the night (retention period). This last period is intended to let the teeth continue to fix tightly into the corrected position. Nowadays, small metal wires (retainers) are often placed behind the teeth in order to keep the teeth in place after the brace is taken off.

What we can do for you

Custom made invisable braces in The HagueIn our practice, small orthodontic treatments are carried out by the dentist. Where one or more front teeth are irregular, the dentist will be happy to discuss your options with you. The treatment is usually done with a ‘plate’ or an ‘invisible brace’ With a removable plate, a wire runs along the front teeth. The invisible brace is an advanced orthodontic treatment for adults. A series of transparent, virtually invisible correction pads slowly move the teeth into place without much discomfort. Depending on the initial state of the teeth, treatment with an invisible bracket may take 6-24 months. This amounts to approximately 12-48 correction bits, which are replaced every two weeks by a new set. Note: This technique is not suitable for everyone.

If extensive treatment is required, we would refer you to one of our partner orthodontists in your area. This orthodontist will perform any more extensive orthodontic treatments.

Orthodontics is definitely not just for the kids. Adults can also enjoy fantastic orthodontic results. You are never too old to straighten your teeth!