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Let your teeth bleach in The Hague

Teeth bleaching makes the teeth whiter. Bleaching uses a product that changes the natural colour of the teeth.

Teeth bleaching is a dental procedure. Many people regard white teeth as the most attractive part of a smile. The milk teeth of a child are whiter than the adult teeth that follow. As we get older, adult teeth become darker. This is a result of changes in the mineral structure of the teeth as the enamel becoming less porous. The teeth can also be darkened by bacteria, food and tobacco.

As white teeth are subconsciously associated with youth, many people want white teeth. Because of the American culture of the white smile, this phenomenon became even more widespread.

Is it safe?

Let your teeth bleach in The HagueTeeth bleaching has been found to be completely safe by several scientific experiments. Teeth bleaching has been found to be completely safe by several scientific experiments. It has long been thought that components of the bleaching gel might affect tooth enamel, but it now known that a glass of orange juice affects the enamel more than bleach treatment with carbamide peroxide, the most popular main ingredient for the bleaching process in the Netherlands. However, your teeth may be sensitive to temperature differences for a number of days, and you are also advised to avoid coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes in the first week. This prevents accelerated discoloration.

Bleaching at home

Bleach your teeth at home with our custom made bleachset

We can inform you about the home bleaching technique. This is done through customised bleaching moulds filled with an effective teeth whitening gel. The active ingredient in the gel (carbamide peroxide) removes most discoloration through a subtle process. It is extremely important to use a customised bleaching mouthpiece to prevent gel from leaking into the mouth.

Before you can start bleaching, you first need a full dental check-up. If everything is fine then we will make an impression of your teeth. After a week, you can pick up your customised bleaching kit. It goes without saying that you will get the detailed instructions and advice regarding bleaching from our dental assistants. How many days you need to use the set depends on the original colour of your teeth and the desired result.

In-office bleaching

Bleach your teeth at home with our custom made bleachset

In-office bleaching uses a gel with a higher concentration of the same main ingredient. This gel is used in conjunction with a bleaching lamp (heat and light accelerates the reaction) or the gel is treated with a KTP laser (the correct wavelength causes a photochemical reaction.) The procedure takes several hours to complete. However, please consider any fillings you may have in the front teeth. These will not change colour and will therefore have to be replaced when an excessive colour differences is visible.

The abovementioned information concerns the bleaching of vital teeth. Where teeth have had the nerve removed teeth (non-vital teeth) these teeth, as opposed to the vital bleach, are bleached from the outside in by applying a bleach solution (sodium perborate) to the pulp chamber. After a few repetitions the right colour will be achieved, after which a filling must be placed. If this does not ultimately lead to the desired result, one should consider veneers.

We carry out both treatments at our practice. Let us inform you of your options.