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Oral hygiene

Dentists in The Hague will help you with your oral health

The mouth probably the most important part of your face and makes an immediate impression on others. Everyone appreciates good oral hygiene. It’s nice to be able to smile and talk without worrying about bad breath or dirty teeth.

Proper oral hygiene is important for keeping your teeth in top condition. Inflammation of the gums can lead to the loss of teeth without any immediate symptoms. Irritated and bleeding gums can make brushing your teeth a painful ritual.

Some groups need special attention when it comes to oral hygiene, such as pregnant women, heart patients and diabetics. Of course, you should also brush your teeth in order to prevent caries. You should look after your teeth to a high standard in the comfort of your own home. Self-care consists of: brushing twice a day, preferably with an electric toothbrush and cleaning the spaces between your teeth (interdental spaces) with floss, toothpicks or interdental brushes once a day.

Once every 24 hours, all plaque must be removed. This renders it harmless.

Dentists in The Hague will help you with your oral health

Proper self-care is necessary, but every mouth is different. There are many customised tools available. If, during a check-up, the dentist finds that your oral hygiene is not good enough, he or she may advise you to go to a dental prevention assistant. As well as cleaning your teeth thoroughly, the prevention assistant will help you to learn to remove your plaque yourself. A return visit is sometimes necessary, or regular return visits, to ensure that your teeth are kept in optimal condition.

Prevention is clearly better than cure!