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Oral hygiene

The mouth is an important part of your face, and is one of the first things people notice. After all, we all want to be able to laugh and talk without any need to worry about bad breath or stained teeth. Fortunately, you can contribute to this significantly by looking after your teeth independently. 

Although it goes without saying that self-care it is very important, no two mouths are alike. If, during your check-up, it is clear that your teeth could use a little extra support, the dentist will recommend a visit to the prevention assistant. She will clean your teeth meticulously and teach you the best way to brush them, and recommend the toothpicks or interdental brushes that are best suited to your mouth. 

If the dentist notices periodontitis (an inflammation of the gums) you will be referred to a dental hygienist. The precise treatment and the amount of time this takes depends on the nature and seriousness of the problem. During an intake session the dental hygienist will set up a treatment plan and set up a budget in consultation with you.