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Snoring and sleep apnea

Getting a good night’s rest is of crucial importance. Not only does sufficient sleep make you feel more energetic, cheerful and help you look your very best; it also helps you stay healthy. Snoring disturbs sleep and causes you to wake up tired. This obviously applies to the snorer’s partner, but it’s also a problem for the snorer who is woken up by the noise he or she makes.


Snoring is caused by a narrowing of the airways between the nostrils and the vocal cords. This can be caused by the relaxation of the tongue muscles during sleep, which blocks the supply of air and results in a snoring sound when breathing in. People who are overweight, use alcohol, smoke and sleep on their backs may have a tendency to snore. Addressing any of these issues is often sufficient to put a stop to the snoring. But not always. In those cases an anti-snoring device, which you put in your mouth before falling asleep, will be of help.

Anti-snoring device

An anti-snoring device prevents snoring by keeping your pharynx unobstructed by protruding your lower jaw and tongue forward. During an initial appointment we will examine if this device is the right solution for you by means of a questionnaire, an X-ray and an examination of your mouth and jaw. 

Sleep apnea

In some people, relaxation of the tongue and the subsequent closing off of the airways may cause them to stop breathing several times every hour. The duration can vary from a few seconds to even a minute or longer. This can lead to an oxygen deficiency which can, in turn, lead to serious health problems. These pauses in your breathing are called apnea.

If we suspect that you may be suffering from this we will refer you to Sleep apnea service. They will assess the seriousness of your complaints. If you are suffering from a mild form of apnea an anti-snoring device may be the perfect solution to effectively treat your complaint. We will be happy to continue treating you in this case. For more serious apnea complaints, they will be happy to take over.