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As a patient, you are free in your choice of pharmacy. However, we recommend registering at Loudon Pharmacy. We will be fully up to date as regards your medication needs, even when this has been prescribed by a specialist or acting GP.

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Sleep apnoea service

Do you snore or stop breathing during the night? As from 1 December, you can come for screening, diagnosis and treatment to Landscheiding Medical Centre's Sleep apnoea Clinic.

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De Reisdokter

De Reisdokter is a recognised institution for the administration of travel vaccinations. We provide information, medical advice, vaccinations and malaria pills. We do this according to your travel and health needs, in the familiar environment of doctor's practices in The Hague.Where the 'Reisdokter' can be found.

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Bianca Jutte is our dietician. She works at the dietician's clinic ' DieetPlaneet', and at our medical centre on Tuesdays.

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Indigo is an organisation set up to offer psychological help. At our sister establishment, Loudon Medical Centre , you can visit one of their psychologists. Indigo believes that people can do a lot themselves, in order to get back in control of their lives. Certainly if help is offered quickly, preventing any psychological problems from getting worse.

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Cardia is an elderly care organisation serving The Hague, Scheveningen and Rijswijk. Combining personal attention with outstanding quality, which is what is closest to our heart.

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As from 7th June, the Bronovo hospital laboratory is available every Tuesday from 9.30 to 10.30 in the Landscheiding Medical Centre for blood collection. You don't need an appointment, just bring the blood test form your doctor has given you, or a letter from Bronovo.

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Podiatry van der Pas has been practicing in Zuid-Holland and Brabant for 20 years. Patients come to us with foot complaints, musculoskeletal complaints including knee, hip and back pain, fatigue, strain, sports injuries, diabetes and rheumatism.

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