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The Bronovo hospital laboratory can be found at Landscheiding Medical Centre every Tuesday from 9.30 to 10.30. You don’t need an appointment when you have a laboratory form from the doctor or a letter from Bronovo.

Blood Collection

When having blood taken, you may need to adhere to certain guidelines. For some tests, this means nil by mouth. This means that you may not eat and drink 8 hours prior to the examination, with the exception of water. You may take your regular medication. Most results are available 2 days later from the doctor’s assistant or the GP.

Identification requirements

According to lawful identification requirements, you must also be able to show a legitimate form of identification at the blood collection department. This can be done with a valid ID containing your unique BSN (Citizen Service Number), for example a passport, Dutch ID card or Dutch driver’s license.

Without a valid ID with your unique BSN, the healthcare provider can not declare the cost of your treatment to your health insurer. Proper identification is also important for patient safety.