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Information about illness and disease

You will find information about various illnesses via patient leaflets, letters and brochures from the NHG (Dutch General Practitioners Society) here. Before, during and after a consultation, patients may ask for information relating to any problem or condition from the assistant, the practice support staff or their GP.

Practice support

Our practice support staff support people with chronic conditions. You can find more information about some of these conditions below.



  • For more information about COPD and lung emphysema, please look at this website: longfonds.nl

Diabetes (mellitus)

  • For more information about diabetes, please visit the following website: thuisarts.nl

High blood pressure (hypertension)

  • For more information, click on the following link: thuisarts.nl


Thuisarts.nl looks at the patient’s perspective. The patient’s need is central. Each patient’s situation at Thuisarts.nl can viewed as an immediately printable NHG patient letter. The goal is for GPs in the Netherlands to gradually progress from NHG patient letters to NHG GP situations, as patients are now able to look at their information from home. Thuisarts.nl has been created by general practitioners.

Thuisarts.nl provides reliable information about health and illness:

  • For questions and symptoms at home;
  • Before, during and after your appointment with the GP.